How to Apply

Here is a short video guide on how to properly apply our stickers

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How to Apply

Here is a short video guide on how to properly apply our stickers

Best Seller ⬿

No more stress

Nails ready everywhere

Quick Application

in just 10 minutes

No dry periods

Cured in just 60s

+120 Designs

Multiple choices

What you need:

- UVNAILZ Gel Stickers
(Package contains nail file, wooden sticks and alcohol pads)
- UV Lamp
- Optional: UVNAILZ Accessories

Before use

Avoid direct natural sunlight

It's advisable to apply the gel inside, steering clear of direct sunlight. The UV rays from the sun can prematurely harden your UV gel strips in just a few seconds.

Step 1:

Prepare nail

Use the provided manicure stick or our Multi Tool to gently push back your cuticles and eliminate the thin layer of cuticle on your nail bed to enhance the durability of your manicure. Ensure your nails are completely clean by using the included alcohol pad.

Tip: Before application, wash your hands well with dish soap to get rid of any oily residue.

Step 2:

Choose the right size

Position the UV gel strips above your nail and select the appropriate size from the 20 available widths. If in doubt, opt for the smaller size. These strips can be gently stretched to flawlessly match the shape of your nail.

Tip: Should you struggle to find an exact fit, consider cutting the strips or applying them to one side of the nail first, then meticulously stretching them across to cover the entire nail width.

Step 3:

place the stickers

Apply the UV gel strip starting from the center and smooth it outwards. Ensure it doesn't overlap with your cuticles.

Tip: You may gently stretch the strip into the desired shape before applying it to better conform to the unique contours of your nail.

Step 4:

cure and cut

Cure nails with Uv Lamp for 60 seconds for each nail, once hardened gently cut off excess with nail clippers.

Tip: be careful not to expose the stickers to sunlight because it may harden the stickers and reduce their ability to stick properly

Step 5:


Gently file the excess UV gel strip horizontally beneath the nail edge, ensuring you file in a single direction to avoid damaging the strip. Avoid vertical filing with up-and-down movements.

Tip: If filing proves challenging, you can first cure the trimmed strips to harden them before filing, or alternatively, trim them to the desired length with nail clippers.

Step 6:

increases durability

Apply a coat of our Top Coat to extend the stickers' durability up to 3 weeks.

Tip: Once applied dry the Top Coat with the Uv Lamp again.

Step 7:

Nurish the cuticles

To complete the look of your nails, you can apply our Aloe Vera Cuticle Oil Pen to nourish your cuticles to make them look flawless.


How to remove

You can remove our stickers by using our Remover Serum & Wooden Stick.

Pain and discomfort free removal!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Semi-cured Gel Nail?

Think of a mix between salon gel nails and nail stickers. This is the result. It's the latest in the nail world.
They're like gel nails but cost less, are faster to apply, and don't damage the nails. Incredible, but true.

These stickers contain a gel that's already 60% set. They're stretchy and fit all nails. With 60 seconds under a UV lamp, the gel fully dries.

Will it damage my nails?

Absolutely not! Our product is completely safe. You can rest assured: your beautiful nails will remain untouched and cared for, even after you've removed it.

How long will it takes to get my nails done?

Less than 10 minutes!

Ever needed to fix your nails for an event but were too busy? It happens, but we're here to help!

You can do your nails anywhere in less than 10 minutes!

It might take a bit longer the first time, but after that, it'll be quicker!

How long will it last?

If applied correctly and given the proper care, they can last more than 2 weeks.

How do you remove the nails?

Removing your Uvnailz is a breeze with our gentle methods. Utilize the Uvnailz’s Remover Serum to the cuticle area. Dip the tip of the wooden stick into the Remover Serum and carefully lift the strips from one side (left or right).
Then, use the soaked stick to delicately loosen the adhesive layer between the nail and the strip, avoiding the direction of nail growth. Reapply Remover Serum to the stick after each movement or brush a drop of Remover Serum under the strip for smoother removal.
Remember to reapply Remover Serum to the wooden or silicone tool after each movement, ensuring an effortless removal process.

Can Uvnailz Stickers lengthen my nails?

Certainly! At Uvnailz, our mission is to enhance the natural quality and length of your nails while enabling you to flaunt unique designs without the long waits typically associated with nail salons—all from the comfort of your home. Our gel sticker nails are designed not just for style but also to support and encourage the healthy growth of your nails, allowing them to become longer and stronger over time.

I have broken/brittle nails, can I still use the strips?

Yes, Uvnailz Nails offer a gentler alternative to traditional salon gel manicures, eliminating the need to cut or file the top layer of the nail. These strips are free from harmful substances, making them suitable even for brittle nails. Uvnailz UV Gel Strips are designed to not only beautify your nails but also to reinforce them, providing protection against premature breakage.
Tip: For an enhanced adhesion of our strips to your nails, gently polish them with a soft polishing file before application, instead of roughening the surface.

I am an allergy sufferer: Can I still use the strips?

Uvnailz's UV Gel Strips are designed to be allergy-friendly, free from HEMA, and boast a certification of being 14-free, ensuring they are devoid of the harmful substances typically found in traditional nail polishes. They also proudly carry the Dermatest seal, reaffirming their commitment to skin safety. Despite these precautions, the strips do include acrylates. To ensure a safe experience, it's advised to test the UV Gel Strips on a nail prior to their initial use, to prevent any potential allergic reactions.

I have more questions. Can I speak to someone?

Of course, you can contact us on WhatsApp using the button at the bottom right or via email at